About Us

India is marred with a complex social, economic and political structure, which requires innovative solutions to solve the most difficult problems of today. India is also a land of opportunities despite its challenges, mainly due to its demographic dividend and cultural diversity. In order to evolve into a superpower of tomorrow, relying on the Government to deliver is not alone enough – societies need to be brought in to solve age-old problems that have limited the growth of the country.

The current media landscape in India is driven by sensationalist, topical and breaking news pattern of reporting. The space for discussions on policy and development issues is limited. Public narrative is not development focused and is stretched between left and right school of thoughts. The energy of people needs to be directed towards constructive debates and problem-solving discussions, which will act as a contributor to accelerate India’s progress.

The Dialogue is an attempt to change the status quo. It is a first-of-its-kind digital portal which aims to report on and analyse development of multiple sectors such as water, education, healthcare, foreign policy, legislations, law reforms, energy and climate change, environment and other relevant development issues. The Dialogue will function as a network of policy and development professionals to publish impactful, powerful and informative content in a simple, easy to understand language to sensitise the average Indian with the long term goal of driving policy reforms through informed public opinions.

By creating a website to act as an online reservoir of innovative ideas and discussions across multiple themes, the hope is to introduce a new narrative which is development focused and contributes to India’s progress.

Vision Statement

The Dialogue has a single aim – to drive policy and governance reforms through informed public opinion. Our vision is to enable governance discourse by translating complex policy news into a language which can be easily understood
by the reader. The Dialogue is introducing a new narrative in Indian media, a narrative which is focused only on development and social and economic progress of India. We are apolitical and believe in sensitising the Indian masses of the current governance landscape of the country. The Dialogue does not believe in focusing the left or the right side of the argument. Instead, our vision is to introduce and drive a development oriented school of thought – a thought which has space for all opinions, as long as they serve the purpose of promoting and sustaining economic, social and spiritual growth and development of the country.

Mission Statement

The Dialogue’s mission is to bring policy to the people and subsequently connect them with issues that really matter in today’s world, with the long term objective of driving reforms through informed public opinion and citizenry participation.

The Dialogue is India’s first-of-its-kind digital portal which aims to report and analyse trends on development and policy. Why do we do this? Because we believe that it is important for the reader to know how policies are impacting their lives. We do this by partnering with experts ranging across sectors such as energy, climate change, foreign policy, security and defence, internet governance and economics. Our advisors act as a guiding light to help us drive the development focused narrative.

We are an independent media agency to publish authoritative, impactful and powerful articles highlighting developments taking place across multiple sectors. By analysing and reporting trends in India’s policy space and connecting people with policy, The Dialogue envisages taking India forward to its rightful place in the future – a force to reckon with and an important global player.