Assam Tea Plantation Workers Demand Rs. 350 Daily Wage


India runs on tea, and yet Assam’s tea plantation labourers are one of the most exploited groups. Most of us love to start our mornings with a freshly brewed cup of tea, a true luxury. As consumers of tea, we owe it to plantation workers, who bring us our daily cups, to stand up with them and demand justice for them. Presently, 1.5 million tea plantation workers are being paid illegal minimum wage. They are demanding a fair and living wage of Rs. 350 (appx. $5.40) a day to make ends meet.
Take action by tweeting the below messages (or write your own) to support the campaign for a just wage for those who make your morning cup of tea. Suggested tweets: 
I demand justice for the people who bring me my daily cup of #tea. Put an end to the exploitation of #Assam‘s plantation workers NOW by paying them a fair wage of Rs. 350! @CMOfficeAssam @pallablochandas #Rs350DailyWage #Accountabilitea 
I love my cup of #tea, but I can’t enjoy it knowing that #Assam‘s tea plantation workers live in dismal conditions & are not even paid minimum wage. I demand a minimum daily wage of Rs. 350 for tea plantation workers. @CMOfficeAssam @pallablochandas #Accountabilitea #Rs350DailyWage

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