The Dialogue Distance Internship Programme

What we offer?

The Dialogue Distance Internship Programme is primarily tailored for students (undergraduates, post-graduates as well as research students) who are passionate about public and/or foreign policy. We strongly encourage interested applicants to look at our website for detailed domains of public and foreign policy issues. All the selected applicants upon their successful and satisfactory completion of this internship program will receive certificate award.

What you gain?

The internship will enhance your understanding of public policy and issues that drives this country forward. You will be working with acclaimed professionals in the public policy domain who are part of our network as advisors and writers, and will get a first-hand experience of dealing on policy issues. The internship will set you for a long term career in public policy and our network will support your association.

By gaining knowledge on important policy issues, selected interns will have ability to research and analyse extensively in the domain of policy analysis and evaluation. Upon successful completion of the internship program, interns will be able to equip themselves regarding policy briefing skills, interview skills, communication and interpersonal skills, team-work, and ability to attend detailed grasp of public policy and its various domains. Interns will also have an opportunity to attend conferences and gain training if found suitable for further enhancement of the skills.

Who are we looking for?

We invite applications from interested students from India, South Asia and the rest. We strongly encourage interested applicants to apply as soon as possible for this program as we have limited positions to cater to the needs of the selected interns.

What is the duration?

This internship is unpaid and requires minimum two to seven hours per week of work commitment although interns are allowed to invest more time as per their interest. The standard timeline for an intern ranges from minimum six weeks to six months

How to apply?

Interested applicants must clearly mention the months for which they are applying for the internship. Upon receiving the application applicants will be informed about the decision made by The Dialogue in two weeks.

The selection criteria are based on evaluation of the positions available, areas of interest and motivation of interested applicant about how and what they think about public policy discourse.

Successful application for this program requires curriculum vitae with cover letter. Interested applicants please send it to