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India is undergoing a great knowledge transformation. Information is surging and with the advent of a digital economy, more people have access to information at a touch of a button than they ever had. Today, we have the highest number of information sources than ever before. This is leading to more debates and discussions on the country’s policies and governance issues. Although this is a welcome development, the pitfalls construe in the form of fake news and biased stories delivered with a specific agenda. In a world of post truths, access to true information that is free from bias is paramount towards the nation’s progress.

Media, the fourth pillar of the state, has a great responsibility to ensure that people are rightly informed about governance issues. As India grows towards becoming a developed nation where basic necessities of life are provided to all people, it is crucial to have a progressive media that caters to inclusive thinking, plays a responsible role in national interest and facilitates multi-stakeholder engagement where everyone is heard and the best ideas find recognition. In a digital and information age, media’s role therefore widens to not only catering to being a watchdog of the Government, but to also drive a people’s movement by empowering them with the right information and promoting ideas to take India forward. In a democracy, a responsible voter is the one who has access to the right information.

At The Dialogue, we are committed and dedicated to provide journalism that is progressive in nature, working to promote citizen engagement. As an independent media house, we are dependent on the citizen to further our cause. Our transparency is our biggest defence and a safeguard against prejudice and bigotry. We therefore urge the people of our nation to support our call. We may not be able to change the country, but together we can strive to gain the right perspective, bring an order to the chaos. We need your support and encouragement in every possible step that we take. We need you to spread the cause. Your support will give us strength to be on the field. Donate to us to usher in the world of constructive and balanced reporting.

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